Reader in African History, SOAS, University of London (UK), DIPPOL (Rennes), PhD (Vienna)

Marie Rodet is the director of the SlaFMig program and has more than 15 years of expertise on the history of slavery in Western Mali. Her work focuses on the slave revolts in the Kayes region during the first quarter of the 20th century. She has published extensively on these issues. She has also directed a documentary Les Diambourou: Esclavage et Emancipation à Kayes – Mali (2014) and a web documentary Bouillagui: Un Village Libre (2020).

As part of this project, Marie Rodet also works on historical accounts of forced displacement from slavery in the Kayes region. She analyzes the conditions under which the crises associated with this phenomenon and the forced displacements took place and are likely to continue. In particular, by examining how formerly displaced populations have managed to survive in a socially and economically hostile environment over the long term, this research questions the concepts of “viable communities” and “sustainable living conditions” in a context of continued stigmatization and marginalization of populations categorized as “slave status”.

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