This project aims to promote the economic development and well-being of the locally “enslaved” and forcibly displaced populations in Western Mali. This involves concrete measures to raise awareness of their situation, which until recently has remained invisible and unexplained to most development and humanitarian professionals.

Our actions include the production of policy documents, documentary films, educational materials, the organization of training, the dissemination of research results, advocacy actions aimed at political decision-makers, practitioners and the general public.

In partnership with the Malian organization Donkosira, the project also aims to strengthen awareness and support for these communities on the legal and civil rights level, while studying affordable and scalable solutions to enable them to access a sustainable lifestyle.

Our actions to promote development in these communities particularly target women and girls so that they escape other forms of exploitation, by allowing them to reclaim their role as economic actors and full contributors to the development of their communities.

The results obtained within the framework of this program can be mobilized by NGOs, international organizations and political decision-makers in the planning of community actions, with the central objective of equitable development.

Long-Term Impact

Project results will be disseminated to practitioners and policy makers, which will enable:

  • More effective development and humanitarian assistance interventions for communities in which descent-based slavery exists;
  • Changes in legislation, practices, and behaviors;
  • Adaptation of solutions into other communities in the sub-region.

Our work