“The Kita Workshop – Initial results of the survey among displaced populations” – March 2021

On March 2nd 2021, the prefecture of Kita hosted a workshop to report on the initial results of the survey conducted among displaced persons in Mambiri and to launch the activities of the paralegals for our Slavery and Forced Migration (SlaFMig or EMiFo in French) research project. The SlaFMig programme uses a multidisciplinary approach to analyse the phenomenon of slavery in a comprehensive manner, by involving local communities. The workshop brought together the project director, Dr Marie Rodet (SOAS, London), Prof Bakary Camara (University of Public Law, Bamako) and representatives of local NGOs Temedt and Donkosira before an audience of village chiefs, paralegals and civil society representatives. The speakers detailed the results of the survey carried out in Mambiri, the legal and land tenure challenges faced by the victims of descent-based slavery, and the question of the role of paralegals in raising awareness of descent-based slavery and as a potential link between the population and the institutions. The prefecture of Kita reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the fight against slavery and to receiving displaced persons; representatives of the village of Mambiri, village chiefs in the Kita cercle, local youth, the Coordination of Women’s Associations and NGOs of Mali, and the High Islamic Council also welcomed the initiative and pledged their support. The presentation resulted in several recommendations for continuing the fight against descent-based slavery, including the need for institutional and legal reforms, and for programmes for the socio-economic empowerment of victims of slavery, particularly through access to land ownership, to training and to economic activities.

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