The SlaFMig Nouakchott workshop for the Mauritanian National Day against slavery, March 2023

From 2-6 March 2023, the SlafMig team held an advocacy training workshop in Nouakchott (Mauritania) with 30 members of the organisation Ganbanaaxun Fedde Mauritanie, to reinforce their capacity to fight slavery through advocacy. Ganbanaaxun Fedde is a newly created organisation in Mauritania whose aim is to fight against descent-based slavery, especially among the Soninke ethnic group. With the support of the advocacy expert Illia Djadi, the participants explored the different elements of advocacy definition, strategies, tools, and reflect on the strengths and the weaknesses of the Ganbanaaxun movement. The training was very much appreciated by the participants, who felt henceforth more equipped to target objectives and plan the strategy needed to achieve their goals successfully.

On the Mauritanian National Day against slavery (6 March 2023), the workshop was opened to the broader public through a plenary session on African descent-based slavery animated by Dr Marie Rodet and Dr Lotte Pelckmans. The later projected documentary films that they respectively directed about descent-based slavery in Mali. The film “The Diambourou”, by Dr Marie Rodet, is centered around the historical resistances against slavery in Western Mali while Dr Lotte Pelckmans’ film is about Ganbanaaxun’s contemporary fights against descent-slavery in West Africa and in the diaspora. The work of Dr Marie Rodet and of Dr Lotte Pelckmans have been praised and considered by the audience as potential powerful tools for raising awareness against descent-based slavery in West Africa.

Discover interviews of the participants here !

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