International co-researcher / Denmark

Associate professor, Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, Copenhagen University. PhD African studies Centre Leiden, MA Antropology Leiden University, the Netherlands

International co-researcher, Lotte Pelckmans, has worked for nearly twenty years on current forms of descent-based slavery in Mali, mainly among the nomadic Fulani ethnic group in the center of the country and the Kayes region. Her research also focuses on family histories, and she has published on the respective positions of women from the elite and populations descended from slaves in contemporary Mali.

As part of this project, she studies anti-slavery activism and organizations, primarily with the Soninke diaspora living in France. Her ethnographic work within the diaspora takes place in person and online. Lotte is also creating two 20-minute documentary films, one on the role of the diaspora in anti-slavery mobilizations, the other on the emergence of camps and the current displacements of populations. She supervises the comparative analysis of the three modules intending to write a collective article.