Sophia Stille, Intern at SlaFMig, Student in Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen

My name is Sophia and I am a student in the Master’s programme ‘Advanced Migration Studies’ at the University of Copenhagen. Previously I obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Groningen, Netherlands in ‘International Relations and International Organisation’. I am very interested in Human Rights and the intersection of (contemporary) slavery and migration studies.

I joined the SlaFMig project as an intern in September 2021, as my interest in the topic was sparked when Lotte Pelckmans introduced it in one of our classes. I was surprised and shocked that I had not heard of the term ‘descent-based slavery’ and the repercussions of this practice before and wanted to learn more. My newness to the topic makes the internship challenging, as well as highly interesting because I am introduced to a new practical and theoretical field of study. 

As an intern, I am assisting with numerous tasks in the project, such as interview transcriptions, workshop preparations and translations for the website. Apart from organisational tasks, I am also looking more closely into the topic of gender, women in anti-slavery activism and the role of female figures in the Gambana movement. Towards the end of my internship I will write a blog post exploring this topic a bit more closely.

Sophia Stille

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