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Interview with Marie Rodet in “Le Challenger”: It is urgent to advocate a law criminalising slavery… and its effective application

MARIE RODET, PROFESSOR AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LONDON ”It is urgent to advocate a law criminalising slavery…and its effective application’ Article : Marie Rodet is Professor of African History at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London. For over 15 years, she has been researching the history of slavery in the Kayes region. She analyses how the

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International Point Sud Conference in Bamako, Mali, from 1-4 December 2021

From December 1-4, the workshop “Mobility, Mobilisation and Displacement in ‘post-slavery’ West-Africa” took place in Bamako, Mali. Organised by Lotte Pelckmans (SlaFMig / University of Copenhagen) and Paolo Gaibazzi (University of Bayreuth) through the research center Point Sud, different actors came together to exchange and discuss the topics of mobility, descent-based slavery and its repercussions in different countries and contexts.

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Legal instruments and the persistence of descent-based slavery in West Africa, by Fousseni Diabaté (September 2021)

In West African countries in general, and in Mali in particular, the implementation of legal instruments remains a tricky issue, both at the national and the international level. In Mali, several factors (political, socio-cultural, etc.) hinder this implementation, thus compromising the respect for human rights and land ownership. The political factor lies in the lack of will of the public

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