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International Point Sud Conference in Bamako, Mali, from 1-4 December 2021

From December 1-4, the workshop “Mobility, Mobilisation and Displacement in ‘post-slavery’ West-Africa” took place in Bamako, Mali. Organised by Lotte Pelckmans (SlaFMig / University of Copenhagen) and Paolo Gaibazzi (University of Bayreuth) through the research center Point Sud, different actors came together to exchange and discuss the topics of mobility, descent-based slavery and its repercussions in different countries and contexts.

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Briefing about the Point-sud workshop ‘Around Gambana’ (1 December 2020)

On December 1st 2020, Lotte Pelckmans, CO-investigator in the SLAFMIG project, organized, together with anthropologist Paolo Gaibazzi, a full day workshop on the anti-slavery movement Gambana. The title of the workshop was Around Gambana: perspectives on an anti-slavery movement, and it was a mixed format with both onlline zoom participation, but also some offline participation from presenters physically meeting at

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