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Theatre tour to raise awareness about the fight against descent-based slavery from August 14 to 18, 2021 in Western Mali, Diéma, Kayes, Nioro (August 2021)

On August 14, 2021, a team of the Association Donkorisa, a partner in the SlaFMig research-action program, started to carry out a theatre awareness-raising tour on the issue of descent-based slavery in Western Mali, in the cities of Kayes, Diéma and Nioro. In Diéma, the team was welcomed by the village chief, the deputy prefect and the first deputy mayor.

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“Conference with Gambana activist Salif Kamara: “Contemporary Slavery, Forced Migration and Diasporic Activism in West Africa”

On May 10th, on France’s National Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade, Slavery and its Abolition, the SlaFMig project team based in Copenhagen an online conference in partnership with the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), to hear and showcase the experience and the voice of Salif Kamara, vice-president of the Rassemblement Malien pour la Fraternité et le Progrès

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Awareness-Raising Sketch For The Eradication Of Descent-Based Slavery

Our SlaFMig action research programme has just released a new descent-based slavery awareness-raising video (available in French and Bambara), which also broadcasts this month on ORTM (Mali’s national TV channel). Click here to view the video in French: Click here to view the video in Bambara: