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“Protracted Displacements”, by Leah Durst-Lee -April 2021

Around the world, migrations are resulting in longer and longer periods of displacement, some families being apart from their homes for decades or generations. These long, protracted displacements have become the new normal. The average length of displacement is growing longer, during which those displaced live in extreme levels of insecurity and marginalization, facing little to no access to basic

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Article in The Conversation: Mali fails to face up to the persistence of slavery (February 2021)

The internal African slave trade was officially abolished in colonial Mali in 1905. But a form of slavery – called “descent-based slavery” – continues today. This is when “slave status” is ascribed to a person, based on their ancestors having allegedly been enslaved by elite slave-owning families. The practice is most prevalent among Mali’s nomadic Tuareg and Fulani communities in Central and Northern Mali, but

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