The workshop in Gilleleje (Denmark), May-June 2022

The SlaFMig/EMiFo team was able to meet in Denmark from May 27 to June 3. The members of the Donkosira association (Mamadou Sène Cissé, Mariam Coulibaly and Assa Waly Diakité) and the research team (Dr. Marie Rodet, Dr. Lotte Pelckmans, Dr. Marie-Christine Deleigne, Aline Desdevises) met in Copenhagen before going to Gilleleje, where the workshop was held.

The first days were devoted to the analysis of the first results of the socio-economic survey conducted in Mambiri in 2021, and to the preparation of the qualitative phase (conducted in June 2022). The Donkosira team, which collects data and conducts field interviews, worked with the researchers to analyze and put the results into perspective. The development of interview guides continued, with the development of a focus group guide and the revision of individual interview guides.

 Finally, some of the preliminary results of the survey were identified for inclusion in statistical sheets. These sheets are a first step in the restitution of the results to the villagers, and were given to the governor of Kita, the prefect, the chief of the village of Mambiri, and the president of the women’s association of Mambiri in June 2022.

Discussions then focused on future activities of the SlaFMig/EMiFo program, including a fundraising campaign to support victims of descent-based slavery and ongoing research and advocacy on the issue.

In particular, the meeting was an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the SlaFMig/EMiFo team members and to ensure closer and more effective coordination.

Aline Desdevises 

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