SlaFMig survey team in Mambiri conducting socio-economic survey

Between 4 and 9 April 2021, a team of SlaFMig investigators consisting of Mamadou Sène Cissé, Binta Coulibaly, Drissa Mariko, Assa Waly Diakité and Aissata Sylla carried out a census of all the households in Mambiri (Kita Region) in preparation for the individual survey to be conducted in July among 400 people in the village (200 men and 200 women).

All of these surveys are expected to enable an assessment of the socio-economic situation and the specific problems of the village, and in particular the situation of the displaced people who fled descent-based slavery to settle in Mambiri in January 2019.

In total, the surveyors identified 138 households in 101 concessions. In addition to the excellent reception received during their stay in Mambiri, the surveyors had the pleasure of attending the traditional village fishing.

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