Visit of Marie Rodet and Marie-Christine Deleigne to Mambiri (Mali), August 2021

In August 2021, during a visit to Mali, Marie Rodet and Marie-Christine Deleigne visited the village of Mambiri, where a socio-economic survey of the situation of the displaced people and the people hosting them is currently being conducted. Mambiri, a village located about 80 km north of Kita in Western Mali, has hosted more than 1,500 displaced people fleeing the consequences of slavery in the Kaarta area since January 2019. The visit helped to strengthen collaboration between village authorities, representatives of the displaced, and (part of) the research team through fruitful exchange. Marie Rodet and Marie-Christine Deleigne took the opportunity to present some preliminary results of the survey and to conduct interviews, notably on the history of the village and its relationship with Kaarta, as well as on the choice of Mambiri as a place of resettlement for displaced persons fleeing slavery. Furthermore, the meeting provided an opportunity to prepare for the continuation of the survey and to discuss the potential contributions of the SlaFMig project research to the village. Marie Rodet, on behalf of the project, made use of the visit to inform donors of the difficulties that the village is currently experiencing, particularly relying on the results of the current survey. These include issues concerning infrastructure and land due to the large number of displaced persons arriving in a very short amount of time.


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